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Tracy Rigby


My name is Tracey Rigby. I’ve known Caliber since 2008, and I’ve been working with Patrick McAneney.

In 2008, my then-husband and I decided to separate, and I needed some financial advice for myself as a newly single person so I approached Caliber.

I particularly wanted advice on my pension and what I was going to be doing with that in my new single status and to make sure that I was on track to set myself up for a secure financial future.

I found out about Caliber by Googling, and they had very good reviews and ratings. I sent an introductory email and they came back to me straight away.

I spoke to Patrick and said “Look, this is my situation. I don’t understand anything about money, I don’t understand about pensions, I just need someone to guide me through it.” He came back with very concise advice, took it very slowly, and so the trust was there from the beginning.

Sadly, in 2014, my husband passed away. So, my advice needed to take a different direction, because I had two children whose father had previously provided for them and spoken to me at length about what he wanted for them. However, at the time, I was all over the place. So, I turned to Patrick again and said, right, chapter two of the story is now this journey, and that’s what we’re working on now.

I’m very open with Patrick. He explains things so clearly that I understand everything, and I just feel as if I’m in the right place.

Following my husband’s passing, I contacted Patrick because the whole journey was taking a different direction and I was now dealing with an inheritance. My husband had left specific wishes, and I had to call on all of the experts I already had in my life for their relevant advice. Patrick’s advice was very much about looking after the girls’ inheritance, helping me run the trust fund. As the girls grow, and life changes are happening, I go back to him each time and say, “Right, they want to do this now, how do I do that? And they want to do this now, what do I do about that?” And they’re thriving ¬– we’re all thriving – thanks to Caliber.

Three words I would use to describe Caliber and Patrick are professional, clear, and patient.

I feel a lot more secure about my financial future now. Patrick’s advice is always very clear, so I’ve been able to work out for myself where I’m going and my rough retirement age, but before I make any decisions, I check in with him and just say, “Look, these are my thoughts, what do you advise?”

For me personally, the best thing about working with Patrick is I’ve known him for so long now he knows my whole story and I don’t have to recap every time I meet him. He always remembers my story, he asks after my girls, he knows what they do for a living. We’ve formed a working relationship now that I just couldn’t be without.

I think the best piece of advice Patrick has given me has been to always think about myself. I’m very tied up with my children’s future, my husband’s wishes, and if I fall down a rabbit hole he’s very, very good at always saying to me, “You need to think about yourself and then everything else will fall into place.”

I would definitely recommend Caliber and especially Patrick. In fact, I have already recommended Patrick to my friends and family purely because I really feel as if Caliber are on my side. They’re on your side, they step into your journey and I feel that we’re not just a statistic, we’re not just a piece of paper with a name on it, we become the person that we are to them.

Hear from Tracy Rigby

Patrick has ensured me and my girls have a secure financial future