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Passing down wealth

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Safeguard your hard-earned assets

With Inheritance Tax receipts going up each year, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to tax-efficiently pass down wealth to loved ones. Although it may not affect you in your lifetime, the plans you make now can positively impact your children and grandchildren when you’re gone. Now’s the time to do something about it.

Are you wondering…

Should I place my assets in a trust?

How much money can I afford to gift to loved ones?

How can I check if my will is up to date?

How do I reduce Inheritance Tax before death?

Could I be doing more to ensure my family benefits from my assets?

What we’ll do to help

The best way to pass down wealth to your family is to start planning as soon as possible. Rather than leaving it for your children to sort out when you’re no longer here, we will take on the role of getting your wealth in order and ensuring your assets end up in the right hands.

We will look at the options available to help you protect the assets being passed down to future generations. This includes Inheritance Tax strategies and establishing whether your assets should be placed in a trust.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate estate planning, tax planning or trusts.

Hear from our clients

Gary’s financial plan has given me peace of mind, so I can focus on my family

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Patrick has ensured me and my girls have a secure financial future

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Our process

We work with you to curate the life you’ve always imagined and achieve financial independence. From beginning to end, your journey with us will be seamless as we listen to you and put your needs above all else. It’s what we do best, and we know exactly how to get things done.

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